Wrestler in the Spotlight – Christopher Saynt

Photo credit to David J Wilson

Photo Credit: David J Wilson Photography

Christopher Saynt. A name that many people may not be familiar with, but at the age of just 20, has faced some of the biggest names in UK wrestling.

Christopher Saynt started his wrestling training in May 2010 at the Scottish Wrestling Alliance’s Source Wrestling School under the tutelage of Damien O’Connor to learn the fundamentals of the wrestling craft. On May 14th of 2011, Christopher Saynt made his show début for Source Wrestling in a T-Division Championship match against Glen Dunbar. Even for a more established wrestler, a match against Glen Dunbar is a difficult task to overcome. Added to the fact that Christopher Saynt’s show début was in his home-town of Whitecrook, Clydebank, he would have been forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the numerous factors facing him.  However this was not to be the case for the debutant as he showed throughout that match that he had a fast paced offence and was technically gifted within the squared circle. He was unsuccessful in capturing the T-Division Championship on that night but he showed with conviction that he had the skills and drive to make an impact.

Christopher Saynt continued to impress in matches facing numerous wrestlers including Eric Canyon who was the NWA Scottish Champion at the time of their match. Saynt also branched out within Scotland performing for various companies including Scottish School of Wrestling.

Photo Credit to David J Wilson

Photo Credit: David J Wilson Photography

It was in November of 2011 that Christopher Saynt would once again show the skills he possesses when he was handed the opportunity to win a place in the tournament to crown the first-ever Pride Wrestling Champion. The opportunity however was not a simple one as standing between him and the tournament was the exceptionally talented James Scott. Nevertheless, Christopher Saynt approached the match in the very same way he did in his début  using all the skills and drive he has to defeat one of the most technically gifted wrestlers within the UK today and win a place in the tournament.

Saynt continued to have numerous impress matches against the likes of Jackie Polo, James St James, Scott Renwick and others for the remainder of 2011 and first half of 2012 and has continued his training at Source Wrestling School.

It was on July 27th when things really stepped up a gear when it was announced that on September 1st in Whitecrook, Clydebank, Saynt would face the biggest challenge of his career. He would face Mikey Whiplash and the match would be for Scottish Heavyweight Championship. It seemed fitting that his home-town  the place where he made his show début, would be the place that less than 18 months later would mark another career milestone and the opportunity to win his first major championship.

September 1st 2012… Centre 81… Whitecrook, Clydebank.

It was the biggest night in Christopher Saynt’s career and the opportunity to become the Scottish Heavyweight Champion. Saynt used all his knowledge and skill in an attempt to prevail and become champion, however it was not to be the case on the night as Whiplash ultimately retained the championship. Although he was unsuccessful in winning the match, Saynt showed without doubt that he was capable of keeping pace with some of the most seasoned and skilled wrestlers in the UK.

The match also opened Saynt up to a wider audience as news spread of the fantastic match that he and Whiplash had put on for the fans in attendance. It also led to Christopher Saynt débuting in companies he hadn’t been a part of before. On December 8th 2012, Christopher Saynt debuted for RAD:PRO Wrestling in South Shields where he faced the man responsible for training him, Damien O’Connor.

As 2013 progresses Christopher Saynt continues to wrestle for various promotions in the UK and continues to hone his skills and build on his already extensive experience. With many great years ahead of him the wrestling world is his oyster and no doubt big things await him in the very near future.

Photo Credit to David J Wilson

Photo Credit: David J Wilson Photography

We had the opportunity to ask Christopher a few questions, here is what he had to say:

Q1. The most obvious question, why get into wrestling?

Basically because I loved watching it on TV and I looked into wrestling schools in Scotland and the Source School (under a different name at the time) was the first that popped up and the rest is history.

Q2. Would you say you model your wrestling on anyone in particular or is there a style you take influence from?

I have a lot of people I look up to in wrestling, from William Regal, Dave Taylor and Finlay to Jamie Noble, Robert Roode and Dean Malenko. I am a very big fan of the Brawler/Technician Style and I’m trying to build upon that style in my own matches.

Q3. What was it like to make your début in your home town against Glen Dunbar?

It was a surreal experience, I hadn’t imagined ever getting to the stage of being on shows and wrestling Glen Dunbar, a guy who I trained alongside and also it being in my home town (actually right next door to where I live) and my mum seeing it made the whole experience great and terrifying at the same time.

Q4. How did it feel to wrestle Mikey Whiplash for the championship in September 2012?

Wrestling Mikey was again a terrifying yet great experience, I’ve learned so much from him since he started taking training in SWS (Source Wrestling School) and to get the chance to wrestle him in my home-town for the Scottish Title is still to this day the biggest match of my career.

Q5. You’ve achieved a lot in just less than 2 years since your début. What would you like to achieve in the future?

My main aims for the future from right now is to get more experience and there are a lot of people in Britain I’d like to work with and learn from and with that it will improve my style and I can become a much better wrestler.

A personal thanks to Christopher for his help and time in putting the article together.


You can keep up to date with Christopher Saynt in the following ways:

Christopher Saynt Twitter

Christopher Saynt Facebook

Information on Source Wrestling School can be found at: www.learn2wrestle.com

Information on Scottish Wrestling Alliance can be found at: www.scottishwrestlingalliance.com

Information on Pride Wrestling can be found at: www.pridewrestling.co.uk

Information on David J Wilson Photography can be found at: www.davidjwilson-photography.co.uk

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